(All Prices are in Canadian Dollars (C$), plus 13% HST Tax. You get a discount equivalent to about 20% when you pay in US$ dollars)

CLASSES (all classes are 1 1/2 hrs)
All Classes Pass C$300
(9 classes-over 13 hours of instruction) C$22 per hour

Weekend All Classes pass C$270
(Fri, Sat & Sun - 8 classes- over 12 hours of instruction) C$22 per hour

Individual class: C$45 (All classes are one hour and 30 minutes)
2 classes: C$38 per class (C$25 per hour)
3-5 classes: C$35 per class (C$25 per hour)
6 classes or more: C$34 per class (C$23 per hour)

Full Everything Pass C$410
(Full Marathon Pass & All Classes) - save C$175 (pay only C$21 per hour )

Weekend Everything Pass C$375
(Weekend Marathon Pass & All Weekend Classes)

Full Marathon Pass C$128
(All milongas from Thursday to Sunday - save C$67) )

Weekend Marathon Pass C$114
(All weekend milongas: Friday eve + all Saturday & Sunday milongas )

(Individual milonga tickets may be restricted to maintain gender balance)
Thursday Opening Milonga 9pm-1am (C$20)
Fiday Afternoon Milonga 2pm-6pm (C$20)
Friday Night Gala (exhibition) 10pm-4am (C$40)
Saturday Afternoon Milonga 2pm-6pm (C$20)
Saturday Grand Milonga (exhibition) 10pm-4am C$40)
Sunday Afternoon Milonga 2pm-5pm (C$20)
Sunday Long Weekend Special Milonga 9pm-3am (C$35)