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German Ballejo & Magdalena Gutierrez

2017 World Tango Champions

Magdalena and German are the winners of the World Salon Tango Championship 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their style is characterized by its elegance and expressiveness, as well as by its original musicality. They dance with passion but at the highest professioinal level. They are able to incorporate contemporary elements in tango while respecting the traditional dance. They have performed with many important and renowned dance companies, performing in theaters in Argentina and in the world. They have also participated in innumerable International Festivals, sharing their love for tango.

Magdalena Gutierrez began her tango career in the year 2000. She attended several Tango schools with a variety of of the most famopus teachers in Buenos Aires. Her professional career as an artist and dancer took off a couple of years after as she was performing in various tango houses in Buenos Aires: Tango Complex, Piazzolla Tango, and Tango Gala. Magdalena was part of the cast of great tango shows, which have been known worldwide, such as Divine Tango (Passions Company, touring through Spain, Italy, Greece), Tanguera (National Theatre, Argentina), Evita (South Korea), Tango Emotion (Teatro Nacional, Argentina), and Chantecler Tango (Paris, Tokyo, Teatro Alvear, Argentina). She is also a member of the "Cuadro de Jovenes de la Academia Nacional del Tango" (Youth of the National Academy of Tango). She also toured around the world with her then partner, the great teacher and dancer Horacio Godoy. In 2015 she started working with German when they joined the Mora Godoy Company, performing the show "Bailando Tango" in the famous Astral Theater, in Buenos Aires.

German Ballejo is a young tango professional, who stands out for his musical, creative, and elegant dance. With an extensive background on the stage and his love for tango salon style, he is characterized as being a complete dancer, expressive, and with great acting and teaching skills. In 1995, at the age of 10, German attended his first dancing lessons. His formative years were crucial to his present dance style as he took classes in various academic institutions and was part of several groups of choreographic dance. This blend between the creative side of the popular dances and the professionalism required to work on the stage is a defining trait of his art. In 2010, he moved to Buenos Aires where he began his career as an artist and dancer working in different tango houses: Complex Tango, Gala and La Ventana. Also, he performed in companies like Tempotango and Pasion de Tango, which gave him the opportunity to go through some of the most important stages and local theaters in Buenos Aires. In 2014, he worked for the prestigious and famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. In 2015 he joined the Mora Godoy Company, where he partnered with Magalena performing the show "Bailando Tango"

Toronto Tango Experience Festival
Toronto Tango Experience Festival
Toronto Tango Experience Festival
Toronto Tango Experience Festival
Toronto Tango Experience Festival

Analia Centurion

Analia began studying classical dance at age six and began dancing tango at 16.

Her roots are in the Villa Urquiza style (maybe one of the most famous of all the styles of real tango) where Analia learned her craft from the masters of the Golden Age of Tango.

She has extensive experience dancing and teaching at tango festivals and workshops around the world (North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia). She has been a member of the Mora Godoy Dance Company and the Juan Carlos Copes Dance Company (most well know for their Tony Award winning tango shows on Broadway)

Analia is an authentic tango maestra deeply rooted in the authentic interpretation of this beautiful dance. Studying with her is well worth the investment to learn what authentic Argentine Tango really is and can be.

Analia was for many years the dance partner of Gabrielle Misse, one of the great Tango dancers of our time. Together they thrilled audiences at many tango festivals around the world. And she has also been an invited judge for the World Tango Championship.

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Alberto Ramos Cordero & Micaela Colleen Barrett

Alberto ('Tito') and Micaela ('Mica') will teaching intermediate classes and the beginner classes. The beginner are for beginners which gets you up and dancing within one weekend of classes.

Micaela and Alberto are the founders of the Cleveland Tango School.
Based out of New York and the Caribbean before moving to Cleveland, Alberto and Micaela have taught at the Hunter College Tango Club, Oberlin University, New York's You Should Be Dancing studios and the Piel Canela Dance Company. They have also done a number of collaborative projects with the modern dance company "The Movement Project". In Puerto Rico they taught alongside the teachers and performers of Y Entonces - Tango. Alberto has worked with the Mark Morris Dance Company in Brooklyn.
Their dance is known for its musicality and playfulness, while their teaching explores the history and traditions of tango. Micaela and Alberto dedicate themselves to helping students create more comfortable, interesting, and grounded tandas throughout the night.