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Roxana Suarez & Javier Rodriguez

Roxana Suarez is one of the leading representatives of the emerging generation of tango salon dancers, expertly combining centuries-old traditions with a touch of fresh energy and authentic passion. Followed by hundreds of tangueros around the world, she has skillfully combined her style, authenticity and modernity, synthesizing her milonguera experience with her stage talents, to display her elegant agility and precision.
Roxana's journey into dance began in her childhood. The heartbeat of the tango accompanied her even in her mother's womb. She grew up at her grandmother's milonga, surronded by the best dancers of that time.
In February 2007, Roxana began her professional career. At first, she honed her craft teaching in the famous studios of Buenos Aires, showcasing her talents in the city's milongas. Soon after she found herself with an intercontinental tour, and continued from there. Roxana has participated in famous international festivals such as TanGoToIstanbul, Mallorca Tango Festival, Taipei Tango Festival, TurinoTango festival, Brussels tango festival and more. Firmly rooted in the belief that to be an eminent teacher one must be a devoted student, she never stops exploring, studying and evolving in dance, constantly perfecting her teaching methods. She is a dancer who knows the embraces of great dancers: there are many videos where she was partnering with such famous artists as Mariano 'Chicho' Frumboli, Facundo Pinero and Javier Rodriguez.

Javier Rodriguez is a professional dancer and tango teacher, one of the most recognizable figures in Argentine tango and an undisputed expert in the Tango Salon style.
For 20 years Javier has participated in the most famous tango festivals in Argentina, Europe and Asia, where he has never failed to dazzle participants with his art of dance and pedagogy.
Javier's teaching focuses on technique, posture and elegance, emphasizing these small details that can be used to polish and perfect your dance.

Toronto Tango Experience Festival
Toronto Tango Experience Festival

Dana Frigoli & Jon Lambert

Dana Frigoli is one of the most important tango dancers and choreographers in the world today. Her and her life partner and husband Jon Lambert have been teaching together in Buenos Aires since 2010; where they owned and ran the world famous DNI Tango school, where Dana created and developed her own methodology called Tango Tecnologia Conceptual (TTC).
TTC is a technique that is based on the biomechanics of natural movement. To connect with your body and connect with the music
Through their years of marriage, tango has been deepened their communication and a foundtation of their relationship. By being present and connecting with their students body, mind and spirit, they are able to share their technique and help them open a new way to see themself in their tango journey.
They are also the creators of the DNI tango Store in Argentina, selling clothes and shoes in Canada. and all over the world.

Ayse Gencalp & Maximiliano Cristiani

Maximiliano Cristiani World Tango Salon Champion 2013. Creator, dancer and actor in "Angel", an award winning tango film.

Ayse Gencalp is an accomplished dancer, teacher and performer that leads her to travel around the world. Her performance at the Tango Short Film 'Angel' has proven her professional capability.

Award winning tango couple of the year 2023, Maximiliano Christiani & Ayse Gencalp for the Tango Film 'Angel', winners of the Best Choreography award at the Music Film Festival in Los Angeles. This couple are both highly accomplished in the world of tango. Their performances are elegant with grace and precision. Maximiliano a World Tango Champion in Salon 2013, highly regarded teacher and tango coach. They will again be sharing their deep teaching expertise at TTX with their workshops and entertain us with their wonderful performances.