Burak Ozkosem [Istanbul, Turkey]

Burak Ozkosem is much appreciated for his capacity to supply great music and his ability to bring a real party atmosphere everywhere he plays! When Djing, Burak seems to make time stand still, creating a vortex of 'buena onda' that keeps everyone on their feet until the wee hours.
A tango Dj since 2003, Burak has guest DJ'ed at many festivals and marathons in the U.S, Canada and Europe. He is the author of Tango DJ Handbook which he published in 2016.
Burak was the co-founder of Tango Social Club in Montreal and organized tango events in Chicago and Miami in US, and the Tango To Istanbul Marathon in istanbul, Turkey.

Gabriel "Huracan" Gaumond [Washington, D.C.]

Gabriel has been a DJ for over a decade and has played all over North America. Many will remember him for his recent amazing DJing at the Borealis Tango Encuentro

His style is to create various waves for the dancers to surf on. He loves contrasts and likes to use music to display a vast range of emotions and colors. Inspired by YOU, he brings you on an beautiful tango journey for a great evening of dancing!

Mark Sakowski [USA]

Mark has DJ'ed for 20 years at over 1,400 milongas and will be returning to DJ in 2022 for the eighth consecutive year at the Official ATUSA Tango Championships in San Jose!

Recently he has DJ'ed at the grand reopening of the NYC All Night Milonga on the International Day of Tango in December 2021, at the 12th Annual New Year's Eve Silver Ball Milonga in New York City and at Volver Milonga in NYC. Mark is also a regular guest DJ at the longest running weekly milonga in New York City - Tango La Nacional!
He offers a rock solid evening of satisfying tango music that will fulfill all your most wishful dancing requirements

Berenice Gonsen [Toronto]

Berenice has been inspiring dancers at milongas in Toronto and beyond for many years, with many loyal fans who love her music. A long-time student of tango music, her vast knowledge, intuitive approach and careful selections were combined to create unforgettable tandas that kept her in high demand in many international Tango Festivals .
'DJ Bere' has officially retired, but she has agreed to come out of retirement for the Toronto Tango Experience. So if you have missed Berenice's wonderful music this may be your only chance to listen (and dance) to her music one more time.

Grisha Nisnevich[USA]

Grisha is a Tango Instructor, Musician, Lecturer, and DJ. He maintains an active touring schedule, performing in Tango Shows, offering group and private classes. Performing classical and tango music on the guitar, and giving his unique Concert-Lecture and Interactive Mixer about the "Structure of Tango Music". Grisha is the founder of "Contrapunto Tango" (how to translate Counterpoint into the movement and dance technique). We welcome him to the Toronto Tango Experience.

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