Covid Rules & Regulations

Vaccine and Health Information

All Toronto Tango Experience events are Vaccinated Only events. This means you must fully vaccinated with a government issued proof of vaccination (This proof does NOT have to be issued by the Province of Ontario, as long as its is issued by a recognized governmental health authority)

We follow Ontario Health Requirements (see Ontario Government Regulations 364/20

Unrelated People Can Dance together
The regulations state that physical distancing is NOT required while dancing (i.e. physical distancing cannot be maintained while participating in the activities. subsections 3 (1) and 3.1 (4) of Schedule 1)

Masks NOT required while dancing
The regulations state that masks are not required while you are engaged in an athletic or fitness activity (i.e. dancing). subsection 2 (4) of Schedule 1.

Masks and Social Distancing NOT required for unrelated people while sitting at a table
a) Physical distancing NOT required when patrons are seated together at a table. Subsections 3 (1) and 3.1 (4) of Schedule 1
b) Masks are not required while sitting at a table in order to to consume food or drink. (i.e. food or drinks must always be on the table). Subsection 2 (4) of Schedule 1

Masks and Social distancing required at all times other than listed above
Masks AND Physical distance MUST be maintained at ALL OTHER TIMES between unrelated households.

For any clarifications please contact Andy Kamienski at 416-767-0033 (no text messages)

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